Real Estate Investing - Home and Real Estate
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Real Estate Investing

Why invest in real estate?:


  1. Over the years has provided the best overall returns compared to other investment
  2. Provides tangible asset, your have an actual building or land, not a piece of paper
  3. Far less volatile than other investments
  4. Provides portfolio diversification
  5. Excellent hedge against inflation-as economies expand, demand for housing increases
  6. Easy to finance
  7. Provides: Long-term capital growth, positive cash flow, adding value (appreciation).
  8. You have total control (Sell , refinance, rent, whatever)
  9. Potential tax benefits (expenses, depreciation, capital gains, etc)
  10. Provide utility (move-in if you have to)
  11. Rental income can pay for you investment (cash flow)
  12. Grows even when you retire
  13. Lower taxes when sold (capital gains)
  14. You can choose to do work or pay someone else
  15. Upon sale, taxes can be deferred (1031 exchange).
  16. If not real estate, the what? Stocks, bonds, treasuries,  Good Luck!!!
  17. Your investment earns the most and offers the least risk.
  18. Excellent hedge against job loss.
  19. Ten years from now you will wish you had purchased today. (just like now you wished you had purchased in 2011)

Real Estate Broker Lawrence Eberhart

Lawrence, do you remember 2007?


Yes, but it is now 2016. Those who purchased real estate in most markets since 2009, have lots of equity. While many were hurt by the downturn in 2007, that was because real estate was highly overvalued due to crazy demand driven by easy financing.


Many saw this as an excellent buying opportunity and now are looking at over 100% equity or more in some of the hottest market such as California, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, etc. That’s why real estate represents the easiest way to build wealth. In other words if you had simply paid $70,000 for a home in North Las Vegas in 2011, you would not have a property valued at approximately $170,000 or more today. Imagine if you could have purchased 5-properties.