Lawrence Eberhart - Home and Real Estate
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Lawrence Eberhart

The Boker of Home & Real Estate

Well rounded experience

  1. Real Estate Broker since 1998
  2. Property investments since 2002
  3. Property management since 2003
  4. Personally performed 1031 exchanges
  5. Personally managed property rehabilitation
  6. Personally flipped properties in Los Angeles and Las Vegas
  7. Personally prepared my own very complicated tax returns
  8. Provided thousands of valuations for major banks on local properties
  9. Performed short sales since 1998

Why would you trust the purchase or sell of your most valuable asset to just any agent?

Your agent should be able to:

  1. Give guidance on possible tax consequences when purchasing or selling real estate
  2. Determine if an exchange should be considered when you sale your asset
  3. Provide information on current home values
  4. Provide information on current rental rates before you purchase
  5. Determine when other professionals such as Accountant, Lawyer, etc are needed
  6. Communicate effectively with you, other agents, buyers, and others
  7. Treat your purchase or sale as if it is their own home
  8. Provide you with a realistic current value of your home or purchase
  9. Provide a common sense prediction of the future value of you purchase
  10. Provide property improvements that return the best value
  11. Find you the best value regardless of commissions

About me – Lawrence Eberhart

I have been involved in Real Estate since 1998. This, in my belief, was a perfect time to become involved in Real Estate because it marks the beginning of the new technology in the industry. Many agents were unable or refused to make the transition of implementing the new tools of the trade. Agents had to learn the use of computers, e-mail, and computer based Multiple Listing Service, electronic lockbox keys and etc. Although I began practicing Real Estate in 1998, I have studied the field for over 25 years. Therefore, I am well versed in the subjects of Broker Price Opinions, Tax Free Exchanges, REO’s, Short Sales, Representing Buyers and Sellers, Property Management, and Investing. As a consultant, I am able to counsel my clients regarding Real Estate matters, rather than just acting as a broker who can only facilitate a transaction. Although, I always counsel clients to seek information from qualified professional in the field of expertise, many clients will benefit from the general information provided by a qualified Realtor with general knowledge of all field regarding Real Estate. I pride my self on becoming one of the first Real Estate Agents in the Los Angeles area to complete on-line Broker Price Opinions (BPO). Since 1998, I have completed over 9,000 BPO’s. Completing these BPO’s allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of the Real Estate market. They allow me to monitor the market and know in real-time the current prices, the direction of the market, and the direction of the current and future markets.